• Re-upholstery

    Re-upholstery When you have high quality furniture but it’s looking a little worse for wear, you may want to consider re-upholstery as it’s a great way of restoring a favourite item of furniture without compromising the style or comfort of the original furniture design. Many people think re-upholstery is just about recovering items of furniture in a different fabric, but it involves so much more. Our expert craftsmen will strip high quality pieces back to their original frame bringing out...
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  • Benefits of using upholstery repairs

    Benefits of using upholstery repairs In a marketplace that is filled with either highly expensive pieces or, conversely, cheap, poorly constructed furniture, more and more are turning to the maintenance and reupholstering of furniture instead. But what are the benefits of this course of action and is it a more viable option than buying new? For one, it is certainly cheaper to reupholster than to buy a new piece of good furniture. Depending on fabric and your choice of upholsterer...
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